The WISE Place


  • Housing
  • Food
  • Drug Screening/Alcohol Screening
  • Monthly reports to Parole/Probation Officials
  • Employment Assistance
  • Individual/Group Counseling by Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Psycho-educational Groups
  • 12-Step integration and Spiritual Development through Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and Sponsorship.

The WISE Place



Lorri Strickland, Director



A residential community where addictive behaviors are addressed with counseling and support to bring about positive changes. The program is in a long-term residential facility where residents attend daily outside Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous Meetings, Traditional and Psycho-education Groups, and Community Meetings. Wise uses a solution based approach to life problems in areas of work, school, and family as well as influencing interpersonal relationships through positive peer support inside and outside the residence. The utilization of the 12 steps of AA and NA are the basis for the recovery process. In addition, each resident has Individual Counseling once a week with their assigned Certified Addiction Counselor. Residents have a structured, safe environment to attend to their needs as they relate to their addiction.


WISE has created a cost effective way to provide continued care for clients who successfully complete detoxification where they can immediately begin the process of regaining their dignity and self-worth in a safe residential community. Family interaction in the process is welcomed and utilized to create the best outcome possible. Although it is not required, family members are encouraged to get involved in the process to promote healing and gain awareness and understanding about the disease of addiction so as to better equip each resident with a positive support system upon graduating from the program. Finally, WISE believes that a positive leisure lifestyle promotes healthy living by reducing stress and promoting a balanced approach to living without the use of chemicals. We include group outings and recreational opportunities for the residents to promote positive leisure behavior without the use of chemicals.